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BayesTrees V1.4


BayesTrees is a program designed to display, analyse and manipulate samples of trees, in particular Bayesian samples.

Any comments, suggestions or features you would like added please contact the authors.


BayesTrees 1.4 - Windows
BayesTrees 1.4 - Manual (PDF)

Linux and OS X
A beta version of BayesTrees 1.1, with compatibility issues, is available for Linux and OS X. It requires mono version 2.6.7 (
BayesTrees 1.1 (Beta) - OS X
BayesTrees 1.1 (Beta) - Linux

Older versions
BayesTrees 1.3 - Windows
BayesTrees 1.2 - Windows
BayesTrees 1.1 - Windows

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