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BayesTraits is a computer package for performing analyses of trait evolution among groups of species for which a phylogeny or sample of phylogenies is available. This new package incoporates our earlier and separate programes Multistate, Discrete and Continuous. BayesTraits can be applied to the analysis of traits that adopt a finite number of discrete states, or to the analysis of continuously varying traits. Hypotheses can be tested about models of evolution, about ancestral states and about correlations among pairs of traits.


Manual (PDF)
Continuous Manual (PDF)

BayesTraits - Windows
BayesTraits - Linux
BayesTraits - OS X PPC
BayesTraits - OS X Intel

The bms_runner script uses BayesTraits to predict functional links among genes. bms_runner helps configure BayesTraits on the basis of known, user-supplied data, and launches BayesTraits repeatedly to seek correlated gain and loss within pairs of genes.

bms_runner - Linux

The Bayesian-Multistate Perl scripts (Buschbom & Barker 2006, Syst Biol 55:471-484) are no longer distributed here. For information on those scripts, please contact Daniel Barker by email:

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